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Training Schedule

sp24 training schedule.png

What you need


Members bring their own bikes to set up on stationary trainers (provided), as Dean blasts music and we all have fun listening to different playlists every week.

     Gear: bike, helmet, bike shoes, water


Workouts are designed and supervised by Coach Dean.


Gear: pull buoys and paddles (contact Apparel to collect yours), swimsuit, goggles, water, swim cap (optional)


Rides are organized and led by athletes. Be aware of your own experience level and select workout partners/groups accordingly.

     Gear: bike, helmet, bike shoes, flat kit, water, nutrition — (at least one Clif bar/20 miles)


Meet at the Spin Court in the RSF for an exciting spin class with uptempo music led by a student coach.

     Gear: Bring water, no bike or bike shoes needed

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