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October 27, 2024
Berkeley, CA

BEARATHLON 2022 course map (1).png


750 m

Racers will enter the water and line up between the two start buoys. After the start gun, swimmers will start their counter clockwise swim, keeping the 3 course buoys on their left shoulder. As racers approach the exit dock, the fourth and final buoy will be on their right shoulder, where they will be greeted by race volunteers and a ladder to exit the water.

swim plan (1).png


20 Km

We are SO EXCITED for the freshly repaved roads of the Berkeley Marina’s debut in this year’s bike course. Racers will exit transition out of the east entrance of the South Cove Parking lot and make a right turn to ride east through the roundabout into the eastbound lanes of University Avenue, savoring the smooth pavement until they reach the right turn onto West Frontage Road. Racers will continue on West Frontage Road until the turnaround point at Ashby Ave, completing half of their first loop. Racers will continue north up frontage road, make a left turn onto University avenue, and complete their first loop on the wide section of University Avenue shortly before the roundabout. Rinse  & repeat for 3 more loops :)

PRO TIP: Lick & stick 4 GU energy chews (or Clif Shot Blocks, etc) onto your top tube and eat one after completing every lap!

First Aid Copy of BEARATHLON 2022 BIKE COURSE.png


5 km

Races will exit transition after finishing the bike leg of the race, heading east along the paved trail. After reaching the Bay Trail parallel to the frontage road, races will turn right and continue south to the turnaround point. After making the turn, races will run back along the path they came, all the way to the second turnaround point near transition. This turn marks the beginning of the second lap of the run course. Racers will complete a second lap of this out-and-back course. Racers will then keep left as they approach transition, and finish alongside transition on the trail at the south end.

Bearathlon 2022 Run Course.png

mtr Swim

250 M

MTR 2019 Swim.png

mtr bike

5 km

MTR 2019 Bike.png

mtr Run

1.2 km

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