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Dues Information

Fall 2022- Spring 2023 Dues ($290)

Fall 2022 Dues ($150)

Spring 2023 Dues ($160)


Hi, this is your treasurer, McKenzie. Welcome! We are excited to have you on the triathlon team.


What does dues cover?


Dues helps cover the costs of coaching, team equipment (pool buoys, paddles, trainers etc), pool time, races, camps, travel, access to training materials, and sponsorship deals from local companies (Sports Basement, Cognition Cyclery, ROKA, Fluid, etc.).


With the racing dues, you will have access to our training schedules, local runs/rides/swims, and discounts from our sponsors. You’ll also be added to the Facebook group and listserv. You will have priority for camp spots. Priority for limited training resources (bike fittings, tune ups, kits, etc.) will be given to those who are paying racing dues.


What if I don’t have a bike?


Regarding bikes, many people start off without a bike (like me!). If you become interested in purchasing one, various deals we have with our sponsors that allow athletes to get bikes at a discount. We can also help you navigate Craigslist listings and connect you to bike-buying avenues. In the meantime, you can still train with us without a bike by coming to the Wednesday spin session in the RSF.


I’m not sure about racing.


You are not obligated to race, but in my opinion, races are a lot of fun and worth it because of the team energy and camaraderie. Training camps are the best part about tri, and they are some of my most enjoyable memories of the team, but we only have limited spots that priority will be given to full dues paying members. If you want to have the full cal tri experience, I recommend the racing dues.



I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any additional questions!



McKenzie []

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