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Are you a current student and you want to join Cal Tri? Here are instructions on how:

Need-Based Scholarship applications are now CLOSED

Below, we’ve outlined all necessary steps to officially join Cal Tri!

In order to be eligible to practice, race, and attend camps with the team, you must sign up for the SPORTS CLUBS ROSTER, sign up for the IMLEAGUES ROSTER and complete IMLEAGUES FORMS, turn in your MEDICAL CLEARANCES, and PAY DUES. Spring dues are now live

  • Go to the Rec Sports website 

  • Using the search bar at the top, search “Triathlon” 

  • Select your dues option, click “Register” and checkout

  • Sign up for the Rosters: Everyone who is potentially joining the team should join the Sports Clubs and IMLeagues rosters. Start at (you will need to log into CalNet)

    • See 'Quick Reference Guide - Registration' and follow the steps. For Step 2, navigate to 'Return to Rec Membership' from the home page to purchase the $0 Rec Sports Membership. For Step 10, navigate to IMLeagues from the home page. 

    • The “join” button on the IMLeagues page should be working now.

    • If you see “Alert! The system that University of California Berkeley uses to manage eligibility has currently marked you as ineligible.”,  it is because your forms are not completed. Once all forms are processed, your name will no longer be crossed out with something in parentheses after. 

    • Ignore the ineligibility for Intramural Sports alert.


  • Complete the IMLeagues forms 

    • The University of California Office of the President Concussion Education training -must be completed annually by all students. Attach the completed online concussion training result to IMLeagues.  'Quick Reference Guide - IMLeagues Roster Requirements' to find these forms in IMLeagues 

    • Baseline Concussion testing - for new athletes. Baseline testing will be done remotely. A link to IMPACT will be sent at that time. 

  • Complete the Sport Club Medical Clearance process [URGENT]. All athletes must complete an updated physical and health history form this year due to COVID. (due by 2/28 or before first race)

    • See ‘Quick Guide Reference - Medical Clearance’ for physical exam options

    • See ‘Medical Clearance Form 21-22’ for the form you must use for the physical (bring to the exam)

    • See ‘QRG - Medical Clearance E-Tang Submission’ on how to submit the physical exam

    • Schedule and submit your physical ASAP! After submission, forms take 5-10 days to process. 


Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have questions or concerns about dues.




Quick Guide:


Quick Guide:

Roster Requirements

Quick Guide:

Medical Clearance

Quick Guide:

Medical Clearance


Medical Clearance Form