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Joining Cal Tri

Get Involved!

Are you a current student and you want to join Cal Tri? Here are instructions on how:​​

Below, we’ve outlined all necessary steps to officially join Cal Tri!


Sign up for Sports Clubs: New and Returning Members need to renew their Sports Club membership. Start by going to and log in using CalNet.

  • Follow these steps! Note: cal club sports has changed how registration works so you will only need to complete through step 8. You will be added to the roster upon completion of your medical clearance.

  • If you see “Alert! The system that the University of California Berkeley uses to manage eligibility has currently marked you as ineligible.”,  it is because your forms are not completed. Once all forms are processed, your name will no longer be crossed out with something in parentheses after. 

  • Ignore the ineligibility for Intramural Sports alert.


Medical Clearance: New Members: complete PPE form. Returning Members: complete HHR form

  • Each form contains instructions on how to submit these through etang

Docusign process: After submitting your forms to etang you will receive an email (could take a few days) with a link where you will be prompted to sign in and use a pin (that they send to your email) to log in to Docusign - this replaces the concussion protocol and forms that we used to do through IMLeagues. 

  • You will then go through the instructions that the docusign gives you to complete your waivers and concussion safety training. 

  • You will only be added to the roster after you are 100% medically cleared!! This is a new requirement by Berkeley’s club sports program


Dues (once you are added to the roster) - $150 for the fall and $160 for the spring, or $290 for the year

  • Go to the Rec Sports Store HERE 

  • On the right side of the page make sure under ‘Semesters’ to click ‘Spring 2023’

  • Choose “SC Triathlon Fall Dues” or “SC Triathlon Year Dues”

  • Sign in with your Cal Net ID

  • Click ‘register’ and continue until you’ve paid!


There's a lot coming at you, but we're here to support you! Please reach out to the secretary, Zoe (  if you need help navigating these steps and reach out to treasurer, Jacob ( with questions about dues.



Quick Guide:


Quick Guide:

Roster Requirements

Quick Guide:

Medical Clearance

Quick Guide:

Medical Clearance


Medical Clearance Form


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