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Joining Cal Tri

Get Involved!

Are you a current student and you want to join Cal Tri? Here are instructions on how:​​

Below, we’ve outlined all necessary steps to officially join Cal Tri!

In order to be eligible to practice, race, and attend camps with the team, you must sign up for the SPORTS CLUBS ROSTER, sign up for the IMLEAGUES ROSTER, complete IMLEAGUES FORMS, turn in your MEDICAL CLEARANCES, and PAY DUES. The deadline is February 28th. If you are competing at Tritonman, please have the below steps completed by February 4th.

  • Sign up for Sports Club and join the Triathlon Roster: Everyone who is potentially joining the team should join the Sports Clubs and IMLeagues rosters. Start at and log in using CalNet.

    • Follow these steps!

    • If you see “Alert! The system that the University of California Berkeley uses to manage eligibility has currently marked you as ineligible.”,  it is because your forms are not completed. Once all forms are processed, your name will no longer be crossed out with something in parentheses after. 

    • Ignore the ineligibility for Intramural Sports alert.

    • The deadline to join the roster is February 28th, after that it will close and we will not be able to add you.

  • Complete the IMLeagues forms:

    • Log in to IMLeagues here by typing in Berkeley. It will then redirect you to the Rec Sports page, where you will click the "intramural sports" image

    • Under ‘Teams’ you should see ‘Cal Triathlon’, click it!

    • It will tell you which forms you need to complete:

      • ‘Authorization for Release of Protected Health Information’ - new form! Just click and fill it out. 

      • ‘SC AT - UCOP Concussion Safety Training’ 

        • Click ‘Fill Form Online’

        • Click the ‘UCOP Concussion Safety Training’ link and complete course

        • Upload a PDF screenshot of your completed course with your email and score visible to the IMLeagues form

      • ‘[ADMIN USE ONLY] Medical Clearance’ - don’t touch this form. But it will show you are cleared when you have completed the steps below…

  • Complete the Sport Club Medical Clearance process [URGENT - literally start this process right now it takes a minute]

    • If you are new to the team or were NOT medically cleared last year, you MUST complete a physical. Click HERE for 

      • locations to schedule a physical

      • Print the last two pages and bring to your physical appointment

      • instructions for uploading your form to the etang portal.

    • If you are a returning member, click HERE for the pdf that includes instructions and the one form (3 last pages) that you need to complete, sign, and submit on the etang portal

    • Complete these ASAP! After submission, forms take 10-15 business days to process. (Due Sept. 30th) DO NOT EMAIL YOUR COMPLETED FORMS. DO NOT UPLOAD COMPLETED FORMS TO IMLEAGUES.

    • After submitting your medical clearance fill out this quick google form so we can tell administration to clear you!

  • Dues - $150 for the fall and $160 for the spring, or $290 for the year

    • Go to the Rec Sports Store HERE 

    • On the right side of the page make sure under ‘Semesters’ to click ‘Spring 2023’

    • Choose “SC Triathlon Spring Dues”

    • Sign in with your Cal Net ID

    • Click ‘register’ and continue until you’ve paid!


There's a lot coming at you, but we're here to support you! Please reach out to secretary, if you need help navigating these steps and reach out to treasurer, with questions about dues.




Quick Guide:


Quick Guide:

Roster Requirements

Quick Guide:

Medical Clearance

Quick Guide:

Medical Clearance


Medical Clearance Form


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