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Given our history and success, it is not surprising to find many of our alumni doing it big in the real world. The following section lists alum who contributed immensely to the team, and includes numerous pro triathletes, several ex-NCAA standouts, and even some Olympic hopefuls.

  • Justin Laue (NCAA XC, USA Cyclist, 2nd place Nationals, led lowest scoring team ever, Collegiate Worlds)

  • Lauren Picard (Memorial Award, took this team from nothing to something)

  • JD (From SI, Coach, Coach of the Year, National Champ and many other good nats finishes, U23 World Team, Wildflower, Pro Triathlete who won Vineman, other races, USAT residency, EMJ) (known for getting hit by bike) (blog)

  • Kenny Rakestraw (3rd at Nationals, Wildflower Champ in speedo, AG World Champs, Pac Bikes) (website)

  • Steve Sexton (4th in US at one point, National Champ, USAT residency, World University Games) (website)

  • Yoni Doron-Peters (ITU for Israel, Conference Champ, anchor for SuperSprint)

  • Bee-Oh (South Korea national Triathlete) (blog)

  • Daniela (President, Nationals, 2nd at Wildflower, crashed bike and heat stroke Nats – true Cal Tri spirit, Kyle Graham Leadership Award)

  • Christie (NCAA DI athlete, Mrs Jackson, 5th overall at Nats)

  • Erika (World AG Champion, 1st Grad, 5th at Nats, Wildflower 2nd, FFT, Female Athlete of Year)

  • Jordan (Ex-NCAA soccer, twice fastest bike split at Nats for $$, Pac Bikes)

  • KHaas (President, Papa, Conference Director)

  • Andy Schmitz

  • James Duff (PhD, pro triathlete, blog, 3rd at Nats, 4th Wildflower, ITU Duathlon World Champs, Pac Bikes

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