Greg Harper

Assistant Coach (Swimming)

I’m Greg Harper, ex Cal Tri athlete and son of the legend and head coach, Dean Harper. He introduced me to the sport at a young age and I have been learning ever since. After swimming competitively for most of my life, I re entered the sport in 2012. I followed my dad’s secret but not so secret motto, “consistent hard work over time” and placed 54th (2013), 27th (2014) 13th (2015), and 7th overall in both the draft legal and non draft race (a combined 5th overall) in 2016 at collegiate nationals. I swam two years at UC Berkeley and have been coached by some of the best age group and collegiate coaches in the nation in swimming. I have trained with and watched olympic athletes first hand and am grateful for everything I have learned and observed. I am always eager to share my knowledge of both swimming and triathlon for anyone who wants to listen! Currently, I appraise things and can be reached at for any matters- professional, personal, and anything in between! Go Bears!

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